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In our prayers

1. The Church of Christ

The Wider Church:

- We pray for all Christian people, that they might be candles of light & hope in a world longing for warmth & understanding.

- Anglican Cycle: The Diocese of Kericho (Kenya).

- USPG Prayer Diary: Pray for the society’s work in Sri Lanka.

The Diocese:

- NICHOLAS, Bishop of Leeds.

- TOBY, Bishop of Bradford. GLYN, Bishop of Beverley.

- All the bishops, & all clergy & people.

- Readers in the Diocese.


Towards the 150th Anniversary of the Parish:

- Pray for preparations to celebrate the 150th Anniversary in 2018.

- Pray for our preparations for Christmas & for our Advent Appeal.

Yes to Children & Young People:

- Kathy HUGHES, our Children & Families Worker,

Come & See, Discovery, Discovery Eucharist, Ecumenical Youth Gp,

Nursery Praise, Sunday School, Thursday Toddlers,

- TASS, Jane GLENDINNING & all the staff, the pupils & their families, & governors.

Anniversary of Baptism: Leon James SHEARS (HT, 11/12/11)

Neighbouring churches:

- Pray for Peter MAYO-SMITH, minister-designate of TEC.

- Pray that a new vicar may be found for SM.

All who receive communion at home:

Gary BLACKBURN, Donald COATES, Monica FOULDS, Barbara HARVEY, Jean LOCK, Irene McCOULL, Dorothy MURRAY, Eileen NICHOLSON, Audrey OGDEN, Mary & Kenneth PATTINSON, Tom RENSHAW, Audrey STRICKLAND. The residents of Wingfield Hse.

2. Creation, human society, the Sovereign & those in authority

- We continue to pray for all those working for peace in various difficult situations around the world, including: Iraq/Syria, Israel/ Palestine, Libya, Russia/Ukraine, South Sudan, Yemen.

- We pray especially for all civilians suffering in the conflict in Yemen, particularly those that are malnourished, sick or homeless. We ask that all those with power & influence will work together to make it possible to live in security & peace.

- We pray for all those killed, injured or made homeless in the earthquake in Indonesia & ask for God’s blessing as people & communities attempt to rebuild their lives.

- We pray for Italy at this time of change: for her people & for all those in authority & with the power to effect change for good.

- We pray for all those who died or were injured in the recent fire in California; may they & their loved ones find healing & peace.

- We pray for all those who are homeless or who sleep rough; may God send help to feed them, warm them & shelter them.

3. The Local Community

- As we prepare for the season when we celebrate the birth of the Christ child, we remember those who do not look forward to this time; for those who are poor & unable to afford luxuries; for those who have no one to share with; for those who mourn the passing of loved ones: may God bless them & provide for their needs.

- We pray for all who live in the parish, & especially all on Bracken Park, Delph Wood Close, Garden View, Gilstead Drive, Little Beck Drive.

4. Those who suffer & those with special concerns

We pray daily for those who are sick or have special concerns. Please let Fr Andrew know, if you would like to put a name on our prayer list.

5. The Communion of Saints

Those who have died recently, & are remembered with thanks:

Doreen COOK, Susan Wendy GOMERSALL,Yvonne Marie TILLOTSON, Chris BAMFORD,


Year’s Mind:

Nellie ELSWORTH, Maureen STANLEY, Sarah JOHNSON,Eric PEARSON, Jack LONGDEN, Anne Elizabeth KELLY, Jean Mary JACQUES, Mary DALBY, Graham NICHOLSON, Joyce HIRD, Mary Alice PATCHETT, Winnifred Margaret MAY, Larry TOWN-JONES, George & Dorothy McFADYEN, Verna WHITE, Winifred ELLIS.