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Weekly News

Weekly news - - -

Here are copies of our most recent Weekly News sheets , available at services,which indicate our service times  and also a wide variety of other community events held at Holy Trinity, St Wilfrid's and elsewhere.


Weekly news 9th April

2016 PCC dates /content/pages/documents/1452697702.pdf





As Jesus the servant king rode into Jerusalem on a donkey,

the crowds shouted and cheered.

On this Palm Sunday, let us too lift our hearts

and souls and voices in praise of Jesus our Lord.



Matthew 21.1-11: Jesus rides into Jerusalem on a donkey as the crowds praise and glorify him.

Isaiah 50.4-9: Isaiah describes God’s servant as an inspiring teacher who remains virtuous despite being maligned and humiliated.

Philippians 2.5-11: Jesus refused to exploit his divinity, instead hum-bling himself like a slave, even accepting a horrific death.

Matthew 26.14—end of 27: The account of the passion.

Have you time to volunteer for Marie Curie in BD16 to help raise vital funds ?
Marie Curie is looking for volunteers to form a fundraising group in the BD16 postcode area. All the money raised by the fundraising group will help fund the Marie Curie Nursing Service and the Bradford Marie Curie Hospice. Both care for patients and their families either in their own home in the Bingley district or at the hospice.
Marie Curie  cares for people living with any terminal illness and provides expert care, guidance and support to help them and their families make the most of the time they have left.

These services are provided free of charge; however it costs £19,000 a year to fund a nurse and £10,000 a day to run the Bradford  Hospice so it is vital we maintain these funds to continue our services.

If you enjoy meeting new people, organising events, taking minutes, counting money, chairing meetings or collecting in supermarkets amongst other things, please get in touch with Sharon Link for more information on 01274 386197 or email: Sharon.link@mariecurie.org.uk

Forthcoming events

Alpha—13 Apr

Our Alpha course (organised by Mike) continues 7.30pm this Thursday (13/4) at Bradford and Bingley Sports Club.

Ask the Bishops—9 Apr

As part of a celebration of the Link Dioceses, there will be a ‘Come and ask the bishops’ event at Leeds Minster, 3.30pm this afternoon (9/4). You are invited to ask about the challenges the link Bishops face, what signs of hope they see in their very different global contexts, what their impressions are of our Diocese. 3.30pm—refreshments: 4pm—Panel discussion: 5.30pm—Service (preacher: Archbishop Ezekiel of Sudan).

The Crucifixion (Stainer)—9 Apr

Sir John Stainer's Sacred Oratorio will be performed at 6pm on this evening (9/4) at All Saints. All welcome.

Mothers’ Union—11 Apr

The next meeting is 2pm this Tuesday (11/4) at HT. Mrs Rose Holmes will speak on the work of The Samaritans. We will be joined by members from All Saints MU and Cottingley MU. Come along and hear about what actually is covered by the work of this wonderful charity. All welcome.

Prayer Walk—12 Apr

The next Prayer Walk will take place this Wednesday (12/4). If would you like to join Fr Andrew on this, please let him know.

THE HOLY TRIDUUM—13 to 15 April

Please try to make a priority of coming to the Maundy Thursday Parish Eucharist, a service on Good Friday, and to one of occasions when we shall renew our baptismal vows (ie the Holy Saturday Vigil, the Dawn Service, or Easter Sunday Evening). The Holy Triduum are the three holiest days of the year and together, they enable us to enter into the meaning of Easter.

The Litany of Thorns—14 Apr

7.30pm On Good Friday The Trinity Singers will lead the music at a meditation on suffering and salvation compiled by John Harper with texts derived from the writings of David Adam, and with well known hymns for congregation.

The Easter Carol Service—23 Apr

The Trinity Singers will lead the music at a service of readings and carols for the Easter Season, 6.30pm on Sunday 23 Apr at HT. All welcome.

Church Friends Lunch Club—27 Apr

The next Lunch Club meeting will take place on Thursday 27 Apr, from 12.45pm at Oakwood Hall. Further details from Alan CHAPMAN (564998). All welcome.

Standing Committee—27 Apr

The Standing Committee will meet

on Thursday 27 Apr, 7.45pm at The Vicarage.

Stations of the Resurrection—30 Apr

A service of Stations of the Resurrection will be held

on 30 Apr 6.30pm at SW. All welcome!

Gift Aid

We start the new tax year on 5 Apr. At that point the "tax free" allowance increases from £11,000 to £11,500. If this means that you will no longer pay tax, although up to now the parish has been claiming Gift Aid on your regular giving, please will you let John MITCHELL know. Regular givers who remain tax-payers who have not yet signed a Gift Aid declaration are encouraged to do so, as it is of considerable benefit to the parish—again, please speak with John.

Easter Commemoration Service—14 May

On Sunday 14 May, 6.30pm at SW we shall be including an act of commemoration in our evening service as a way of remembering our departed loved-ones. This is a familiar idea around All Souls, but also appropriate for Eastertide as we celebrate the Resurrection. Please sign the list at the back of church if you would any names included in the prayers at this service. Please let Fr Andrew know, if you know of someone who would appreciate an invitation to the service.

Active Kids 2017

Active Kids is back! Up until 2 May 2017, vouchers can be collected when shopping at Sainsbury’s. Please collect and donate your vouchers to school by dropping them in the Active Kids collection box which is outside the school office, or leave at the back of church. Once all vouchers have been collected, school can exchange them for brand new sports and cooking equipment. Thank you for your continued support.

Bingley Food Bank

Bingley Food Bank are running short of the following items: UHT milk, small bags of sugar, jam, meat/fish spreads, tinned custard & coffee.

Congratulations to all celebrating a birthday around now, including:

Sally LEEMING (10/4), David MARKHAM (12/4).

Women’s Refuges

There is a box at the back of church for donations to the MU appeal on behalf of local refuges for women. The following items would be gratefully received: toiletries (toothpaste, shampoo, deodorants, talc), and drawing paper books, felt-tipped pens and small packs of sweets for children.

The Children's Society

Please will box holders bring in their Children's Society boxes to church for emptying. Thank you.

USPG Boxes

Would boxholders kindly bring in their USPG boxes for emptying. Thank you. USPG is an Anglican mission agency working in partnership with local churches around the world. Thank you for your support.


Notification of Appointments

Bishop Nick Baines is pleased to announce that:

(1) The Rev. Martyn Weaver has been appointed as the next Vicar of the parish of All Saints, Bingley. Martyn is currently assistant curate at Selby Abbey in North Yorkshire, where he has served for the last four years. Martyn’s licensing service will be held on Sunday 14 Aug, 5pm at AS.

(2) The Rev. Peter Mayo-Smith, currently serving as Incumbent of the United Benefice of Haworth and Cross Roads, has been appointed as Minister of the Eldwick Church.


The Parish Plan—

Towards the 150th Anniversary of the Parish

It may yet seem a long way off, but 2018 will see the 150th anniversary of our parish, and it will come upon us more quickly than we think. Please consider the ways in which we might celebrate this special date for us, and pass your ideas on to Fr Andrew.


News from Kathy (our Children and Families Worker)

First, a big thank you to all those who made donations towards the toy bags, and the food for the picnic on 17 Oct. There are now toy bags labelled for different age groups at both churches which can be used by any visiting children whether this is for ordinary services, baptisms or even weddings. I plan to check them every couple of months and renew contents as necessary, so don’t worry too much about scribble or little ones wanting to take the soft toys home!

On a more regular basis, St Wilfrid’s Toddlers are undergoing some big changes with quite a few children going off to school and mums going back to work. It would be great to support those left by having a rota of people willing to make coffee for the mums and wash up their and the children’s cups. It would take less than an hour of your time 10am—10.45am on a Thursday. The more volunteers we get, the fewer turns you would need to do. This is an easy way of making young families welcome in our church with who knows what spin-offs!

If you can help with in any of these ways please let Kathy know  01535 663375. Thank you.


Eldwick Building Project Update

On Friday 1 Jul, the planning application for the building project at TEC was submitted to Bradford District Council; it was validated on 19 Jul. The application can be view online via the link: https://planning.bradford.gov.uk/online-applications.

In the ‘Search’ field, type reference: 16/05431/FUL.

It is open for comments, via the ‘Comments’ tab until 8 Aug.

New look Easter Garden
Visitors to Holy Trinity Church may have noticed our Easter garden is in a different place this year. Normally, the traditional Easter Garden with the three empty crosses, tomb with the stone rolled away have been under the altar where we have the crib at Christmas. However, this year Lynn Harper, who looks after the church garden, decided it would be a good idea to place the Easter Garden outdoors. So, she positioned the three crosses, garden and stone tomb in the garden strip on the left hand side of the path as people approach the church from Trinity Place. So many people have commented how beautiful the Easter Garden looks and how appropriate that is outside the church rather than indoors. We hope you like it too.


Trinity Singers  calendar

Please see /content/pages/documents/1473367284.pdf

Also, we're hoping to get a more regular singing group going in the parish. Exactly what that might look like and how frequently we sing will depend on who's interested and what they want to do. If you might be interested, please let me know.


Moving Forward—6.30—8.30pm, Monday evenings at HT

Moving Forward is a group for men, run by men—a friendly resource for recovery and continued wellbeing. You don’t need to face your issues alone. The group members understand this and they are friendly, compassionate and caring. The collective knowledge and shared experience available within the group makes it a great resource. They will make you feel at home and cared for. Mental health is a complex subject, and men and women can have very different mental health experiences and needs. Moving Forward is developing a unique approach that it is hoped will also be extended to women in the future.


Did you know that religion can make you happier?

Official figures suggest that religion can make you happier. New analysis of findings from Britain’s national happiness index has found that having a faith can make you happier. The figures indicated that people who say they have no religious affiliation report lower levels of happiness, life satisfaction and self-worth than those who do. Read more: The Telegraph 2/2/2016.



The research by Theos, which analysed 139 studies over more than 30 years, has linked well-being and religious belief. It confirmed religion affects a person's happiness and personal satisfaction. Specifically, the data showed certain aspects of religion, such as participation in social activities, like church groups, and clubs are good for welfare. Higher levels of involvement in churches also showed a positive impact on mental health. Generally, the research showed that people who were more serious and committed to religion experienced greater levels of well-being. Religious people were also generally happier than those who had no faith. Read more: http://www.premier.org.uk/News/World/ Religion-could-improve-mental-health


Volunteers Needed

Additional volunteers are required for sides-duty at SW. Please contact John MITCHELL, 01274 511136.

Parish Website—www.holytrinityandstwilfrid.org.uk

Suggestions for and contributions to our parish website are always welcome. Please contact David BARRETT (Webmaster): dave.barrett.156@gmail.com  (Please note my new email address - my old Virgin address is now no longer valid.)

Knowing Each Other

Jesus is the Good Shepherd. He knows his sheep, but how well do the sheep know each other? As you look around church how many names do you not know? Would you miss them if they were not here next week? It is sad to hear stories of regular church attenders, who have stopped coming to church perhaps through illness in the first instance and then because nobody seemed concerned that they were missing. We can all help in the pastoral ministry of the Church, not by being overbearing or intrusive, but simply by knowing a little better those alongside whom we worship, and noticing when they are not there. How well do you know the members of your Good Shepherd group? Why

Disclosure and Barring Service Checks

All volunteers working with either children or vulnerable adults are required to have a DBS check every 5 years. What constitutes voluntary work? Children’s activities include anyone helping with activities such as Toddlers Praise, Come and See, Rewind and Sunday School. Adult activities would include activities such as taking the Holy Sacrament to the house bound, sick visiting, regularly chauffeuring vulnerable adults. As volunteers we are required to complete the checks online. For further details, see noticeboard. Please speak with Chris CLARK if you have any queries about this and for instructions on how to do the check on line. If you have a DBS check already please let Chris see it, so that the database can be as up to date as possible as this is a legal requirement. 01274 562625, chrisclark553@gmail.com

Inspired and Active Minds Project

This project works to support individuals who are aged 50+ and who experience mild to moderate mental health issues. A significant number of older people (aged 50+) suffer physiological or emotional distress associated with factors linked to health, employment, isolation, loss of independence, loneliness and losing a loved one. The Inspired and Active Minds Project aims to deliver focused support to these individuals in areas of mental and physical wellbeing, offering them guidance on different ways of keeping their minds active. If you are aware of someone who may be suffering from anxiety like symptoms and feel that they may require further support contact Wafaa Nawaz, Inspired Neighbourhoods CIC on 01274 665598 or 07766 162192.


Volunteers Needed

Kathy is looking for volunteers for:

—a weekly after-school club—a small team for every week or a larger team to take turns—

—and to come and talk to parents at SW toddler group and/or TASS Chill and Chat—

Please speak with Kathy if you feel you can offer your help, or would like to find out more.

Guild of St Raphael

Elizabeth EVANS would be happy to receive subscriptions from Guild members.

Envelope Giving Scheme

We are now arranging the boxes of envelopes for next year’s weekly offerings. This scheme helps the Churches to know the likely income and also to reclaim the tax relief. If anyone wishes to join this system would you please contact John MITCHELL at SW or Elaine MARSHALL at HT.


Catching the Vision for Bingley
We are continuing to pray for the regeneration our town. On Thursday evenings we light our “Praying for Bingley Candle” at HT. At All Saints there will a time of prayer for Bingley weekly on Mondays at 12noon.

God of the great and small, whose utterance brings into being,
stirring imagination, colouring curiosity, birthing possibility;
speak into our Community.
Unite the people of Bingley that we may serve
and restore this place and one another and catch your vision.
Breathe life into that which casts dull shadows and speaks of gloom.
Save our High Street, enliven our Town, keep safe our streets.

Bless our homes and our families, our businesses and workplaces,
our places of learning and recreation,
our Churches and places of worship,
and give us this day the grace to work for that which we pray.

+ + +