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Children's work

The parish is engaged in a wide range of children’s work. We have close links with a our church school, Trinity All Saints and the children come into Holy Trinity Church on Thursdays for their weekly service and assembly.

Every month – on Friday afternoons - we have Discovery Church at Holy Trinity, which provides an introduction to the Christian faith for children. There is a short act of worship with action songs followed by craft sessions and sometimes a hot meal in the adjoining church school. Discovery is open to all children.

There is a monthly family service, entitled Come and See on the last Sunday of the month at Holy Trinity to which children and their parents are welcome. The service features children’s songs, a message and craft activities.

Sunday School meets every Sunday morning in term time at St Wilfrid’s Church Hall with lessons and craft activities in the hall, before children and teachers join the congregation at Sung Eucharist in the church. The Sunday School presents a nativity play at a Crib Service at St. Wilfrid’s on Christmas Eve. A Christingle service is also held at St Wilfrid’s before Christmas. 

As of September 2013 the provision of our Sunday school at St Wilfrid's is under review. However, an activities table for children will be available at both St Wilfrid's and Holy Trinity on Sunday mornings. Please see the following poster for further details: /content/pages/documents/1379248967.pdf

There are also toddlers' groups at Holy Trinity and St Wilfrid’s.

Prayer Garden from Jane Glendinning (Headteacher)

In school we have been working to develop a prayer garden that children and staff can use independently. From discussions with Fr Andrew it was agreed that the garden between school and church will be used for this purpose. A prayer pool has been placed alongside the path which can be used in conjunction with the prayer tree in the school entrance. The Prayer Garden also contains a wind chime and light catchers hung from the tree and a seat has been introduced where we can simply sit and be quiet/still. This project was initiated because we believe there are times when individuals need a place simply to be with their own thoughts—to have such a place outside underneath the boughs of a beautiful tree is a privilege we can all benefit from. The Prayer Garden was dedicated within the Come and See service on Sunday 23rd June 2013, but we would welcome any suggestions about its continued development.

Children's garden at Holy Trinity Church-
Easter 2016


Children discover treasures in church
You may think you know your way around Holy Trinity Church, but could you find the 20 objects in the treasure hunt that began the last Discovery Church gathering?
Most children – and their mums – knew where the altar was and the reading desk, but what about the aumbry and, when we’ve found it, do we know its purpose and meaning? Where do we find Jesus with Pontius Pilate or the cross of nails, the holy water stoup or Madonna and Child?
The treasure hunt devised by Ben Turner created a huge amount of interest and was a useful way of learning new things about the church and, in particular, Holy Trinity Church building.
Ben also organised some party games, including a balloon race before Fr Andrew led us in a brief act of worship with a song and a prayer and Trinity All Saints School head teacher Jane Glendinning gave her vote of thanks for all involved in Discovery.
Then came the part of the afternoon we were all looking forward to – a sumptuous picnic tea served in the church grounds – yes, it was fine and warm enough to have a picnic outdoors.
All in all it was a happy occasion and now is it is time to thank all who are involved in this important and enjoyable part of the church’s mission to children.
They are led by Sandra Turner, who two years ago took over from Chris Low to organise the craft work – we owe her a huge debt of gratitude. Sandra also did the shopping for the picnic.
Then, there is Hazel Lyness, who helps with the craft work and gives the occasional talk to the children, Aileen Heath, who is in charge of the refreshments and our other helpers, including Beryl Turton and Millie Markham, Christine Tedder, who plays the organ to accompany our worship songs and Fr Andrew, who leads our worship.
And, last but not least, thanks to Ben and Sandra for organising our end of term party.
The next Discovery will be in September. All children and their parents are welcome. Come and join the fun.
David Markham 

Appointment of Children and Families Worker

We are pleased to announce that Kathy Hughes, a teacher with some 35 years experience, has been appointed the parish’s Children and Families Worker.

This is a new venture for us as we seek to reach out to children and young families.

We look forward to welcoming Kathy into the parish on the first Sunday in September. In the meantime, please pray for Kathy as she prepares for her new work among us and continue to pray for our work among children and young people.

Kathy is a part-time teacher at Home Farm School in the Cooper Lane district of Bradford, but will take early retirement at Christmas after ten years in the post.

Initially, Kathy will work in the parish for six hours a week, but when she retires from school she will increase those hours to 12.

She has wide experience of working with children and young families across various Christian denominations, including Church of England, Methodist, Baptist and URC and currently worships at Trinity Church in Keighley—a Baptist-URC ecumenical partnership.

We look forward to welcoming Kathy into the parish on the first Sunday in September. In the meantime, please pray for Kathy as she prepares for her new work among us and continue to pray for our work among children and young people.

Crib service

 Photos of the crib service of 24-12-2013 can also be seen here:- http://www.holytrinityandstwilfrid.org.uk/photos/gallery.php?gallery_id=5&pg=1