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Good causes you can help

Have you time to volunteer for Marie Curie in BD16 to help raise vital funds ?
Marie Curie is looking for volunteers to form a fundraising group in the BD16 postcode area. All the money raised by the fundraising group will help fund the Marie Curie Nursing Service and the Bradford Marie Curie Hospice. Both care for patients and their families either in their own home in the Bingley district or at the hospice.
Marie Curie  cares for people living with any terminal illness and provides expert care, guidance and support to help them and their families make the most of the time they have left.

These services are provided free of charge; however it costs £19,000 a year to fund a nurse and £10,000 a day to run the Bradford  Hospice so it is vital we maintain these funds to continue our services.

If you enjoy meeting new people, organising events, taking minutes, counting money, chairing meetings or collecting in supermarkets amongst other things, please get in touch with Sharon Link for more information on 01274 386197 or email: Sharon.link@mariecurie.org.uk

Shelter Homeless at Christmas Appeal

It is expected that this Christmas, 120,000 children in Britain will be homeless. Hidden away in hostels; sharing kitchens and bathrooms with strangers, and a bedroom with the rest of their family. Children that are homeless are more likely to be in poor health, and more likely to suffer mental health problems. We can help to make a positive change through supporting our Advent Carol Service (27/11).

Chox and Sox

The Bradford Soup Run Christmas Chox and Sox Appeal will be running again this year. If you can spare some chocolate and / or a pair of socks, please use the box, which will be at the back of church from 4 to 18 Dec.

Women’s Refuges

There is a box at the back of church for donations to the MU appeal on behalf of local refuges for women. The following items would be gratefully received: toiletries (toothpaste, shampoo, deodorants, talc), and drawing paper books, felt-tipped pens and small packs of sweets for children.

The Children's Society

Please will box holders bring in their Children's Society boxes to church for emptying. Thank you.


Once more we shall be making a Lent collection in support of WaterAid. Labels are available at the back of church. If you would like to take part, please take and affix to a jar or envelope, and bring your offering to church at Easter.

Support for Crones and Colitis Charity

Luke THOMPSON, Year 5 teacher at TASS, is running a half marathon for Crones and Colitis UK. If you would like to sponsor visit: https://www.justgiving.com/Luke-Thompson6/

The Bingley Foodbank 

 Bingley Food Bank is getting low on essentials such as long life / powdered milk, tinned fruits, tinned veg, and tinned meat products. Contributions welcome. Items may be left at back of church, or dropped off the Foodbank (at the Bingley Arts Centre), which is open Tuesdays and Fridays, 10.30am to 12noon. www.bingleyfoodbank.org.uk

The Bingley Foodbank meets on Tuesday and Friday mornings at Bingley Art Centre. Fr Andrew has referral forms—please enquire if you or anyone you know needs to make use of the Foodbank. Donations are very welcome, especially the following items: rice, pasta, cereals, rice pudding (tinned), tea, coffee, jam, tinned fruit, biscuits, sugar, milk (UHT/powdered/evaporated), dried mash potato, tinned meat, tinned custard. Volunteer helpers also welcome. Further details: (01274) 568163, revnash@hotmail.com.

Active Kids Vouchers

Sainsbury’s is again issuing Active Kids Vouchers for schools. If you shop at Sainsbury’s, please will you collect the vouchers for TASS, so they can be used towards the cost of equipment for school. There is an envelope for them at the back of church.

Annette Fox Leukaemia Fund—Used Postage Stamps

A timely reminder at this time of year. There are boxes for these stamps at HT and SW Hall.  Please continue to save these, which are used to help funding for the Annette Fox Leukaemia Fund.

Martin House Children's Hospice

Please continue to collect your 1p, 2p, 5p and 10p coins and let Pauline MITCHELL have these to send on to Martin House.

Clothes Rail

If you have a spare clothes rail, Bev PINDER would like to happy to hear from you, 07984695220.

Children’s Society Boxes

Box holders are asked to please bring in their boxes for emptying.

Inspired and Active Minds Project

This project works to support individuals who are aged 50+ and who experience mild to moderate mental health issues. A significant number of older people (aged 50+) suffer physiological or emotional distress associated with factors linked to health, employment, isolation, loss of independence, loneliness and losing a loved one. The Inspired and Active Minds Project aims to deliver focused support to these individuals in areas of mental and physical wellbeing, offering them guidance on different ways of keeping their minds active. If you are aware of someone who may be suffering from anxiety like symptoms and feel that they may require further support contact Wafaa Nawaz, Inspired Neighbourhoods CIC on 01274 665598 or 07766 162192.


Martin House Children's Hospice

Please continue to collect your 1p, 2p, 5p and 10p coins and let Pauline MITCHELL have these to send on to Martin House.

Bradford Credit Union

Please contact Anne PARNHAM if you would like information about Bradford Credit Union, through TASS on (01274) 564977, or by e mail: