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Then get writing to your webmaster - david.db@virgin.net - or any other official listed under our contacts page at http://www.holytrinityandstwilfrid.org.uk/contacts/

Churches have always been a focal point and meeting places in their local communities, and the use of email and internet technologies is simply another way of extending this.


156 Micklethwaite lane
Dear all,
It's been a while since I have been able to update the HT & SW web site due to other pressing demands- but fortunately the web site is now up to date.
The web software provides for up to 5 web editors and currently it seems that only myself and Father Andrew log on and compile any direct contribution to this web site.  So if anybody feels that - the web site is getting a bit behind hand with reality - and I could easily remedy that, then please get in touch.
It is always welcome to receive copy from those who are actually promoting an event or who have attended one and have something interesting to say.  Most of my content is lifted from the Weekly News and monthly calendar items which Fr Andrew puts out periodically, and it is therefore usually slightly out of date before it starts.
So be inspired - get involved.
With kind regards
Dave Barrett
- web editor.

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